Bulk Order/ Partnership

Whether you are looking for a retail partnership with Toffle or you wish to get products manufactured from us, we provide discounts on bulk orders. 

With access to skilled and experienced labour, machinery and high quality fabric sourcing we can provide the same quality of products in bulk as our brand. 

Bulk Order/ Manufacturing

Bulk orders go through a 3 step process -

Sampling, Advance, Final Delivery

1. Sampling - Allows you to see the quality of a product in-hand before proceeding with higher quantity orders. This also gives us time to iterate the product as per your liking and make any design changes you wish for.

Sampling rates are payable by you.

2. Advance - An advance payment of 50% is required upon successful sampling of your product to proceed with the bulk order. With this we are able to procure the required raw materials and manage staff to finish your order in time. 

3. Final Delivery is done within stipulated time discussed post sampling. Remaining payment is required before dispatch and for issuing the final invoice. 

Reach us via our contact page for quotations.
Please include details such as product mockup, image reference, quantity etc. for ease of further processing regarding price quotations, timeline, etc. 

Retail Partnerships

Toffle is currently available with one physical retail partner in New Delhi.
And will be coming up with own studio space within Delhi in June 2022.

For Retail partnerships we offer the same model as our online website. We can provide you with display products of different sizing and fulfil orders received by your store via courier delivery as orders come in. You are required to utilise any system of communication to notify us regarding new orders so we can proceed with production and dispatch.

You can also choose to bulk order products for your retail space. Depending on the quantity, it can qualify you for a higher discount. We do not provide products for stock-keeping at the moment like traditional retail works.

Feel free to reach us via our contact page.
Please include your business location, links to your store images, some information regarding other brands within the space along with your contact information. 

Enquiry mails can also be sent directly to hello[at]toffle[dot]in.