What We Offer



As we have an in-house production we are able to offer tailored fitting option on most of our products at no additional cost. Select 'Tailored Fit' as your size, goto checkout, share your measurements in Cart notes and place your order. 

If you are ordering a Hoodie, Jacket, or T-shirt we would need these measurements -  Chest, Length, Waist, Sleeve

If you are ordering a Jeans or Jogger we would need these measurements -   Waist, Hip, Upper Thigh, Outseam (Waist to Ankle)

Tailor Fit streetwear from Toffle

In case of any queries, feel free to contact us.  


1 OF 1 

Looking for a customised piece or a unique design?
We make custom 1 OF 1 products on order. 


You can browse through our 1 OF 1 products listed, talk to us if you want any customisation done on any piece. If you have a new product idea you can reach us and get that made for yourself. Just drop an email, or reach us on our social media pages.


General Customisations Offered 
Pick Your Fit -

You can select your size for Regular fitting or go 2 sizes up for an Oversize fit.
Product images are styled using oversize baggy fit. 

Pick Your Fabric -

With 1 OF 1 orders, you can pick your choice of fabrics for the piece you want made. 

Pick Your Colors -

With tie dye products, you can pick from a range of colors to go on the final product. You can share your own combo with us via cart notes at checkout





Fashion industry being a major contributor the pollution and waste, we try to implement processes both at operations level and within our design process to reduce waste generation.

Our Upcycled collection is made of 100% discarded denims and other products which are repurposed and made into a new product. These raw materials are sourced from markets, and individuals after a product is nearing the end of its lifecycle. These are mended in such a way that the new product lasts several more years.

Taking this step forward, we also use these tidbits in our other collections like Dystopia, Punk, Sashiko Boro. Applying repurposing of extra fabrics wasted during production to introduce a new design element within the product. 

At operations level, we follow the process of Made-To-Order. 

At Toffle, we only produce the end product once an order is placed by you. As such we reduce the wastage that comes from deadstock. We also use fabrics already available in general markets rather create our own and dispose off the deadstock later. 

Image Ref : Upcycled products made in the past