About Us

So you want to know about the brand..

Okay, I'll keep it very simple. 

My name is Kashish Gemini and Toffle is my voice.
It is my language. It gives meaning to my thoughts, the way I want to. Everything you see here has meaning. I always say Design over Brand. 

I never want anybody to buy a Toffle T-shirt just because it's a Toffle T-shirt. I want them to buy it if they connect with it, with me. If they see what I see.

All of my work is either me trying to say something or to save something. I come from a background where I've been taught not to waste anything. To try and make the best of what I've got instead of throwing it away and moving on. That's my approach to my work. I hope you understand me.


The name Toffle, I made that up. It is mine. Kinda like when Shakespeare used to make up words when he failed to find one to express himself.



Watch an exclusive interview on how things started with Toffle on our Instagram (Interview conducted with FTC)