Spirit Tree Hoodie (Unisex)

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Cotton fleece

Regular, Oversized fit available
Patchwork arms
Ribbed cuffs

Embroidered back - reverse tree design
Embroidered back "The tree of the material, a reflection of the real tree of the spiritual"

Embroidered front patch "ऊर्ध्वमूलमधःशाखमश्वत्थं प्राहुरव्ययम्।"

Srimad Bhagwad Gita Chapter 15, verse 1 explains the human system as a reverse banyan tree with its roots upwards and the branches downwards.

In the philosophy of Yoga, the pineal gland which resides between the eyebrows is said to be the source of perception. Only what we perceive is our truth.
Perception can always be worked upon and expanded.

Hand wash with soft detergent


PLEASE NOTE : Images are an approximation. The product may come out slightly different, everything is made one-of-one, design elements are worked upon with hand.